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A powerful & free training management & course booking system.
Trusted by over 10,000 UK businesses & by more than 100,000 individuals. 


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Here's Why..

  • Supported


    Dedicated Support

    Every client, no matter the industry or the size of business will benefit from the expert assistance one of our highly trained Key Account Executives or Specialist Training Advisors can provide.

    Always on hand & without being overly intrusive, our team of experts are there to assist clients with their training whenever required.  

  • school



    National Training Card 

    Smart cards, formal certificates, training records, NFC smart stickers and RFID passive stickers - all provided FREE to Xyz clients. We'll retain and present training records for every delegate on demand over a wide  variety of easy-to-use technological devices. 

    Training with you always. Xyz clients benefit from free membership of the NTC scheme. GDPR compliant, the NTC scheme is a configurable opt in service.

  • security



    Customer Service Charter

    Our vision, approach & responsibility ensures that all Xyz clients remain protected throughout the entire training cycle. The Xyz Customer Service Charter guarantees this.. 

    Unrivalled protection insurance is provided to all clients free of charge ensuring peace of mind in the unlikely event that things don't exactly go to plan. Learn More Here..

  • Managed


    Training Management System

    Continuously evolving, the Xyz Digital training management system allows clients to seamlessly manage the training for themselves and for up to 10,000 others. Intuitive & completely free of charge.

    Manage Delegates, new bookings, certificates, orders, invoices & reminders - do all of that and more with the Xyz Training Management System. Learn More Here

  • Serviced


    Managed Training Service

    Let Us Take The Strain. For more than 10yrs Xyz has provided a complete and integrated Managed Training Service. Fixed prices, budgets and free dedicated support is provided to every business looking to save both time and money on their training.

    Join more than 1000 UK businesses who solely use our managed training service. No contracts & no fees. Learn More Here

  • Guaranteed


    Guaranteed Lowest Price

    Whether booked on an Xyz instructor led course, on a partner delivered course or as part of a brokered managed training service, every course comes with our unique Lowest Price Guarantee..

    No matter, when, where or how many - every single Xyz course is offered with a lowest price guarantee. And no commission or service fees ever.

  • Covered


    Every UK Training Company

    What's unique to Xyz is the size & scale of our ever expanding training partner network. As a result clients are able to search & book training via Xyz from more than 3,000 UK trainers and from over 50,000 course events. 

    When booked via Xyz clients continue to benefit from our Lowest Price Guarantee & Customer Service Charter. 

  • Brokered


    Book With Any Trainer 

    Clients who book their training with other training companies and via the Xyz brokerage service benefit from there being no service fees or administration charges. The price paid is always the same as booking direct. 

    Booking via Xyz also gives clients the added protection afforded by the Xyz Service Charter and the security of having the weight of Xyz on your side in the case that things don't go exactly to plan.. 

  • Connected


    Always Connected

    Accounts teams, HR depts, delegates, Xyz support team & trainers - with the Xyz Training Management system everyone in the training cycle remains connected with each other at all times over the state-of-the-art Xyz digital infrastructure. 

    Every stakeholder can retrieve or present whatever information they require from the Xyz platform whenever the need it. Always completely free.



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